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Pilot Program

Pilot Project Chocruz

Designed To Train Indigenous Mayan Health Promoters

Collaborating with two small German NGOs, Aldea Laura and Mirador, this pilot program was designed to train indigenous Mayan women with health skills and education necessary to manage a Center for Rural Health in Chocrúz, Momostenango, a community with no services in the highlands of Guatemala. We started this program with two local women, Patricia and Olga, who had recently graduated as elementary school teachers. They then trained with AMA for ten months and learned how to provide basic health services to people in their community.

Starting in June 2011, a needs assessment was implemented by a graduate student in Public Health, Simon Fraser from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Under supervision, he investigated the health needs of the community and his findings determined how Patricia and Olga put their training into practice. Since 2012, Paty and Olga are working independently in their community in Chocruz. They have the support of local doctors and continue to communicate with us for advice. They are also studying nursing at university in Quetzaltenango.